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Ed   was about to lose his job as a meat cutter because he could not read the labels on the meat packages. The store owner referred him to the Adult Learning Center.  Ed’s tutor taught him the words he needed for his job along with other basic reading skills.  Ed was able to keep his job and provide an income for his family.

Doug could not spell well enough to write checks to pay his monthly bills, and depended on a family member to help him.  He heard about the Learning Center on the radio, and decided he would make it a priority to learn to read and spell better.  Doug has improved his reading skills and now writes his own checks.

Pat needed to have a resume for job applications.  She had very few computer skills and did not know the keyboard.  She attended computer classes and practiced keyboarding. She also learned the basics of Word and was then able to devise her own resume.

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Judy struggled with reading all her life. She deeply desired to be able to read the Bible.Fortunately, Judy saw a poster about the Learning Center.  After studying with a tutor, Judy is now better able to read the Scriptures and can participate in a Bible study class.

John a senior citizen, decided to go to college online to get his degree. He needed help with his math course since it had been so long since he had studied math.  His tutor helped him with his homework and in preparing for his tests.  He passed the course and received a B.


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